About KoiCave

KoiCave is an association that connects its members by undertaking activities, where pleasure in hobby, koi health and knowledge about keeping koi successful is its primary focus.

Self-employed or in collaboration with partners, KoiCave will develop activities and programs that match the objectives. When entering into agreements and obligations with parties, KoiCave must prevent dependence on third parties and the hobbyist interest is always leading.

Koi Trips

Want to come on our next Koi Trip. We do week and weekend trips.

Attractive discounts

Members of KoiCave can receive nice discounts on presentation of their members pass.

Koi Events

We hold many events each year in the UK. Come and join in the fun.

New Koi Frendships

KoiCave organises fun meetings all year round in the country where new friendships are born.

Koi Advice

All our subscribed members can access Koi  advice and care tips. 

Courses & workshops

Events, courses, workshops and seminars all year round.